Kingsman 1 google drive mp4

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Virtually every enjoyable aspect of the first movie has been either turned down to and unsatisfyingly low level, or blasted way the fuck up into the realm of off-putting nonsense. A couple of good fights, nice suits and maybe a single laugh can be found throughout the movie, but it does not do the original one iota of justice.

The movie starts by the Kingsman organisation getting screwed over royally by the psychopathic Poppy Adams which forces what remains of the organisation, all two people, to work with their counterpart in the United States.

kingsman 1 google drive mp4

Just as the Kingsmen are parodies on the stiff upper lip British gentleman the Statesmen are parodies of the southern US gentleman if you can actually call them that only even more so. Maybe it is my European heritage but I personally feel the Kingsmen are fairly cool where the drawling Statesmen are more on the silly side.

Once again Eggsy is the main character although I have to say that I personally like Harry, the original Galahad, much more. He has much more charisma, elegans and smarts.

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Since he is portrayed on the movie posters I guess it is not much of a spoiler when I say that, to my delight, the rumors of his death were greatly exaggerated. Unfortunately Eggsy is sometimes quite cool and plays his British gentleman role quite well and sometimes he is just dumb as a doornail.

Poppy Adams is okay but she is bordering on the ludicrous too much for my taste. The we have a certain English artist, a Sir no less. I do not know how much they had to pay to get him to take part in this movie but I am fairly sure I would consider it too much.

He was just silly as far as I am concerned. The movie is of course loaded with gadgets, most of them of the variety that makes noises of varying levels of loudness usually resulting in one or more bad guys biting the dust.

It is almost gadget overload but I really liked. Sometimes this amount of totally unbelievable gadgets is dragging down the movie more than anything but in this one it was mostly a success. To me Harry and the gadgetry is what makes this movie. I guess those parts were okay but I could have been without them as well. Knocking on a glass with your spoon, knife or fork means you are about to give a speech, NOT that you want the plates to be changed.

A professional servant, and the Swedish royalty DO have professional servants, do not need to be told when to change plates. The actual story is, well it is original at least but I would not rate it any higher than okay.

It served as a vehicle for stringing together all the stunts and jokes so it served its purpose. The worst part of the story was that I was actually finding myself agreeing with the president. This might perhaps shock some people but I am sorry, if you are dumb enough to ingest that crap, which is also highly illegal, then I have no sympathy for you. If you get upset about stupid plot details and plot holes then be prepared to be upset.

There are plenty of them in this movie. To me it did not matter too much since this is not really a thriller or drama. Having said that it did piss me off a bit that this advanced organisation did not have brains enough to deal with the piece of equipment left in the London cab at the beginning of the movie.

I mean, it was just soo obvious what would happen. Anyway, on the whole this movie was great fun to watch.

kingsman 1 google drive mp4

I hope we get another sequel. Perhaps one with a Japanese version of the Kingsmen? There ought to be plenty of cultural stereotypes to play on there. Tidak ada komentar:. Posting Komentar. Langganan: Posting Komentar Atom. Rise of the Guardians Google Drive mp4. Baby Boy Google Drive mp4.Kingsman: The Secret Service trial-docufiction Mari, Ricci W. Sarayah, Zeren M. One of the most interesting movies to watch. Humor, action and adventure well plotted into this great movie.

The action is just great. A nice surprise. I was not expecting anything from this movie but it turned to be a really funny one, borrowing from all the other spy's movies around. Collin Firth is a great choose and you can say the same for most of the cast, remarking also Samuel L.

An easy movie for a brainless evening.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

Go figure. In any event, the suave Harry Hart is the debonair face of the spy organisation and will play a critical part in both recruiting a young up-and-coming agent with decent physical skills and tracking down a worldwide menace bent of destroying the planet.

After all, Eggsy has the needed physicality we are told he is an exceptional gymnast and roguish spunk to join the ranks of the seemingly understaffed spy outfit. Soon, Eggy and other recruits will be grilled through rigorous training from Kingman member Merlin Mark Strong as they look to fill the spot vacated recently from the dead Lancelot. The dearly departed Lancelot, it turns out, was the latest victim of ruthless criminal mastermind Valentine Samuel L.

He is known as a mega-wealthy entrepreneur and philanthropist but his sinister heart yearns for some heavy-handed dastardly deeds that puts him on the immediate radar for Hart and his crafty Kingsmen to spring into action. It is fast, furious and unapologetic in its rambunctious spirit as a ricocheting romp. Vaughn, in all his rousing Tarantino-esque tactics, unleashes a visceral assault that is visually wrapped in his escapist package of an adrenaline rush.

As the veteran spygame squires, both Firth and Caine are game for the frolic they signed up to participate in with puckish aplomb. Jackson brings his usual explosive badass persona to the table as the villainous fashion plate Valentine. Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin played by Taron Egerton is a normal working class 18 year old from London who gets recruited into a super secret spy organisation.

Humour comes as he tries to mix with these posh and suave upper-class stereotypes. Matthew Vaughn has included his typical ultra stylised violence 'Kick Ass' and it does boast a good sound track. There are a lot of nods to films such as Quentin Tarantino's 'Pulp Fiction' but it just reminds me of examples when things have been done much better.Recently Browsed. Searching Movies Chrome users, now you can get Instant Notifications about the latest movies Subscribe.

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Also stream Kingsman The Golden Circle on your mobile, tablets and ipads. Plot: When their headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, the Kingsman's journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organization in the US. These two elite secret organizations must band together to defeat a common enemy. Runtime: mins Release Date: 22 Sep Download Files click on the format to get the list of files.

Popups Popunders Advt opens in a new tab. You will have to close it before proceeding. Advt opens in background no closing required and website opens in new tab. Victor Williams. Read all reviews of the movie. Excellent fun and escapism at its best.

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If you want a great, fun entertaining film then this is it. OK the story-line isn't fantastic but it's a tongue in cheek spy film so it's good enough, but the real star that steals the show is Sir Elton John being Elton John - bloody hilarious! Why is everyone hating.

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It's supposed to be fun, entertaining, and stir an emotional response that is energetic. Makes you go "Whoa that was cool - howd they do that? My opinion, and it is just that, is highlighted with questions and answers; is it an entertaining film? Yes - Does it immerse the viewer into a world that represents the story? Yes - Do the actors and directors and all that are involved take us on a journey into their interpretation of the script that was written?

Yes - was it an awesome film? Yep - I saw stunts and gadgets and toys I wanted for myself all through out the movie and the story was fun and exciting and fast paced. I hope that the people involved with this project ignore the negative rants of people clearly dissatisfied with their own choices of entertainment and being their negativity over to good movies and try and ruin it for everyone else. What have they accomplished by saying all these negative things about this movie?

Don't like it - don't watch it - of course if you think you can do better please do so. Exceptional action scenes!

We all agreed that it was cool. Loads of funny rofl moments and kick-ass action packed scenes. Heroism without all the cool mutant powers of some other movies, lol.

kingsman 1 google drive mp4

Very entertaining but one thing Before seeing the movie I thought that he might die early on and won't be in the movie as much. Overall the movie was fun, the action scenes were gold and it was directed geniusly. Loved both the first and second, looking forward to the third movie, hopefully.

The action scenes were great, the humor were great, the performances, especially from Colin Firth and Taron Egerton, were great. Kingsman Golden Circle is very fast-paced, and packed with action.Jackson, Taron Egerton. Audio: English Dolby Digital 5. Shop Watch The Trailer. Genres Action. Run Time mins. Director Matthew Vaughn. For rating reasons, go to mpaa. Digital HD Select retailer below. Share Tweet. Private video.

kingsman 1 google drive mp4

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Sorry, you are not able to continue Close. You are now leaving 20thcenturystudios.It was my favorite James Bond movie that was never a Bond movie. In between battling villains and riffraff, Eggsy tries to maintain some semblance of a normal life with his girlfriend Tilde Hanna Alstromwho, yeah, happens to be the princess of Sweden. Poppy Julianne Moore is a drug baron in the vein of Martha Stewart. She locates the homes of the remaining Kingsman and blows them up, leaving only Eggsy and Merlin Mark Strong.

Poppy takes aim at the war on drugs. She infects her own product with a deadly agent and holds the world hostage. Unless global leaders decriminalize drugs, millions of infected people will die. In the meantime, Eggsy and Merlin travel to Kentucky to seek out help from their American brethren, the Statesmen Jeff Bridges, Channing Tatum, Halle Berrya clandestine spy organization that also doubles as a gargantuan bourbon distillery. Being a sequel means that what once felt fresh will now lose some measure of its appeal and charm, and Vaughn and company do falter at times under the pressure to live up to what they established with their rip-roaring spy caper of an original.

The brilliant structure of the first movie mentorship, spy camp competition, class conflict themes cannot be readily duplicated.

The villains never really feel that threatening.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) Dual Audio BluRay 480p 720p [Hindi – English] Gdrive

Where did she get all of this tech? Her henchmen are lackluster and a lackey with a cybernetic arm Edward Holcroft is no competition for Sofia Boutella The Mummy and her slashing blade legs.

The first film was packed with surprises and payoffs both big and small, and the sequel feels lacking in payoffs of any kind. The Statesmen are more a pit stop than integral plot element.

You would think a majority of the film would the international clash between Yanks and Brits, supplying some of that class friction that energized the first film. With the exception of Pedro Pascal Narcosyou could eliminate them from the movie with minimal damage to the story. Channing Tatum has gotten large placement in the advertisement but he is literally put on ice for a majority of the movie. They feel like parody figures, and Vaughn sidelines their involvement. The spy missions are a letdown.

The biggest offender is the return of Harry Colin Firth.

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