Gs 32 mercedes actros

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Stephensonstraat Pacton curtainsider trailer Amazone design. Pacton curtainsider trailer Kuhn design. Fendt Twister DN tedder. Fendt Slicer TL discmower. Claas Jaguar with wheels. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter silver, Claas design.

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter green, Amazone design. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter yellow. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter white, Massey Ferguson edit. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter yellow, Veenhuis edition. Volvo FH16 8x4 red Nooteboom edition. Volvo FH16 8x4 red.

gs 32 mercedes actros

Volvo FH16 8x4 anthracite. Volvo FH16 8x4 yellow. Claas Pick Up Mercedes-Benz Actros Gigaspace 6x2 red. Pacton curtainsider trailer Fendt design. Pacton curtainsider trailer Case IH design.

Pacton curtainsider trailer Claas design. Pacton curtainsider trailer Massey Ferguson design.

2005,volume 41, n. 3,4; 2006, volume 42, n. 1

Volvo FH16 6x2 red Nooteboom edition. Volvo FH16 6x2 red. Trioliet Solomix. Mercedes-Benz Actros Gigaspace 6x2 red Nooteboom e. Showcase Small. Showcase Medium.

Volvo FH 6x2 model kit. Volvo FH 4x2 model kit. Vervaet Hydro Trike XL. Veenhuis Terraject with crumbler rollers. Mercedes-Benz Actros Gigaspace 6x2 silver. Mercedes-Benz Actros Gigaspace 6x2 black. Mercedes-Benz Actros Gigaspace 6x2 white.

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Mercedes-Benz Actros Gigaspace 4x2 silver. Mercedes-Benz Actros Gigaspace 4x2 white. Mercedes-Benz Actros Bigspace 6x2 silver. Mercedes-Benz Actros Bigspace 6x2 black.Welcome to a new dimension. Anyone wanting to stay ahead needs vehicles which meet this standard in every respect. In order to be able to offer you a vehicle that is optimal for long-distance transport both today and in the future, and in view of the constantly increasing demands where comfort, economy, driving dynamics and variety are concerned, we decided to completely redevelop and rebuild the Actros.

From the front apron and the radiator grille right up to the roof: the striking exterior design with its specific longdistance transport style also lends the newly developed Actros a new dimension in visual terms, whilst documenting its inner strengths to impressive effect. Take, for example, the light and friendly ambience and the clear distinction between the workplace and the living area.

With its cabs geared to various operating profiles the new Actros opens up hitherto unattained dimensions of working, living and sleeping in long-distance transport. All 2, mm wide cabs come with a level floor as standard. The headroom between the seats is as much as 2. Depending on their intended end use, the 2, mm wide cabs can optionally be fitted with a level floor throughout or with an engine tunnel in two different heights.

In order to make the new Actros a highly economical truck it has been equipped with many innovative and consumption-reducing features, and with particularly frugal engines: the Euro V model has up to 7 percent lower consumption than its predecessor. And now a brand new feature is available: Predictive Powertrain Control, an innovative system which takes into account the road ahead when changing gear, allowing for any inclines, and in so doing can reduce consumption by as much as a further 5 percent.

Alongside the innovative technology on board the new Actros, services tailored to your needs also help to keep overall costs particularly low. All measures which result in fewer costs and increased profit. The overall economy of a truck is determined by many factors. Some cannot be influenced. But others can: thus, for example, alongside the innovative, cost-reducing vehicle technology deployed, services which are perfectly aligned to the new Actros also ensure that you can positively influence cost factors such as consumption and repairs and maintenance as well.

Giving an even more profitable complete solution. Alongside the innovative technology on board the new Actros, services tailored to your needs also help to keep overall costs particularly low:. They range from the telematics-based FleetBoard system and Service Contracts, through attractive leasing, finance and insurance products, to driver training courses for a driving style that cuts consumption.

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Find out more in our Multimedia special. For an incomparably good driving feel we have given the new Actros a new innovative rear axle guide on 4 x 2 vehicles, a steering system with a precise response and a wider, tauter frame.

The engines are characterised by their immediate response and are available in four displacement capacities and a total of 16 output categories from kW to kW. In conjunction with the standard-specification Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission and additional driving programs they ensure economical driving enjoyment. Plus the new Actros puts many other benefits firmly on the road, such as freely selectable frame overhangs for better bodymounting ability and an extended range of wheelbases.It is normally used for long-distance haulageheavy duty distribution haulage and construction haulage.

It is available in weights starting at 18 tonnes [ citation needed ] and is powered by an inline-6 diesel engine with turbocharger and intercooler. The fourth generation of the Actros, named officially "the New Actros", launched in July The Mercedes Benz Actros is equipped with two types of engines. The engine management system employed by this engine is the PLD Pumpe Leitung Duese-German abbr which incorporates single plug-in pumps for each cylinder supplying fuel under pressure up to 1, bar to the injection valves.

A control unit MR monitors all engine operating conditions via several sensors and varies the injection pressure to suit each operating condition. The fourth version offers several engine options in either Euro-5 or Euro In Euro-6 use inline six engine both series OM with 12,8 litre engine range power output HP to HP and OM with 15,6 litre engine range power output HP to HPwith common rail presure bar And Double camshaft with 4 valve per cylinder to compliant models.

The second Actros generation comes with an electronic sequential gearbox that Mercedes-Benz has dubbed the "Telligent Gearbox". It pushes forward the principle used in some earlier Mercedes-Benz tractors; using the gearshift lever to command a pneumatically actuated system that changes the gears.

gs 32 mercedes actros

The Telligent gearbox utilizes a computer, together with a load-sensing system on the fifth-wheel coupling, to estimate the proper gear that the truck must be in. For example, if you want to upshift, the computer estimates the load on the tractor and the current engine mode, and gives you the proper gear for decreasing engine On the other hand, if you want to downshift, the computer assumes you wish to overtake, and gives you a proper gear for acceleration.

The system consists of a small lever mounted under the right armrest and a flat switch underneath. The lever is slightly tilted, so that it matches the natural curve of the driver's hand when it's on the armrest. The lever has two buttons on either side. When at a standstill, the driver must push the right button, then while holding itpush the lever forward and release it select fourth fast.

The current gear is shown as a large number on the main display. After doing this, the driver steps on the clutch pedal and waits for approximately two seconds.

gs 32 mercedes actros

After the gearshift has completed, a double click is sounded through the speakers, and the driver proceeds with pulling off as normal. Once moving, the driver has two choices. He or she may push or pull the lever to let the computer choose the gear for them, or they can use the splitter switch the small switch under the lever to pre-select gears. Either way, the gear is selected first, then the clutch is depressed.

gs 32 mercedes actros

For example, if you're in fourth fast, pulling the splitter switch up once pre-selects fifth slow. The left button known as the 'flush button', as it is flush with the lever is used to switch to neutral.

A new solostar concept is available as an option for more comfort when used in a single-driver environment. Depending on model either Actros 1,2 or 3 the electronics may vary. This system is very reliable and efficient. The stopping distance in the Actros was drastically reduced as compared to its predecessor the SK. There is a wide range of other electronic features, offered as extras. These include lane assist warns the driver if they inadvertently leave their laneAutonomous Intelligent Cruise Control ART which engages the brakes if the vehicle in front suddenly stopsside looking radar for warning the driver about a vehicle in their blind spot, and many more, mostly oriented towards safety.

All of them are marketed as "Telligent". Singapore uses military variants of the Actros for its Singapore Army - in heavy-lift logistical support roles, designated as the HMCT High Mobility Cargo Transporterrecently as a launch platform for the air defense system and the intercontinental ballistic missile trailer.

SAF operates 19 different version of Actros. This may not be referred to as Actros 4 but it is the New Actros. This is because there were several similarities between Actros 1, 2 and 3. The new Actros has no similarities with its predecessors save for the name. The vehicle now has 2 colour displays touchscreen and infotainment display behind the steering wheel replacing the conventional instrument cluster on old Actros models and can be integrated with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Its outside mirrors were replaced with a camera and it can do semi-automated driving, using Active Drive Assist. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.To find out about offers in your location, please go to the local Mercedes-Benz website.

Visitors from the U. We may not be together, but we can stick together. Thank you to everyone who is doing their best. Take care Now, this high-performance sports saloon celebrates its 30th birthday. The GLE is impressive in many disciplines. What is it particularly good at? Lena and Bernd will find out. Every visitor to the Mercedes-Benz Museum will discover a very individual perspective: this time Jutta Benz Mercedes-Benz Cars is continuously developing and expanding its range of plug-in hybrids under the EQ Power The E-Class Saloon and Estate have undergone a comprehensive update as the first representatives of this mo Extensive update with a more striking design, enhanced options for individualisation and the MBUX infotainm Experience the difference between the new GLC and its predecessor.

The GLC has definitely evolved into a tr At the Driving Events, a great many driving challenges await you, which are to be mastered at attractive l Future opera stars will be holding a gala concert on 9 March in the Mercedes-Benz Museum with the titl The story of Philipp proves that it is possible to get from rock-bottom to the top again through self-confi For 20 years, Mercedes-Benz has supported Laureus Sport for Good, and we have believed that sport powerfull Every visitor to the Mercedes-Benz Museum will discover a very individual perspective: this time Bernd Mayl The designers at Mercedes-Benz are reconciling tradition and modernity in designing the cars for the futureIt took ten months for the company to come up with the design in partnership with modelmaking firm NZG.

There are over components comprising the machine. The larger proportions let the company render the even tiny details like the controls for the trailer. The cab tips forward to check out the engine, and the doors open for a view inside the cabin.

"mercedes 20actros" in Medium & Heavy Commercials in South Africa

It can carry as many as six vehicles, offering a great way to display part of your collection. Buyers can get the Actros in a black cab and the car transporter for If you just want the trailer without the truck for some reason, it goes for Mercedes knows that collectors might want some new models to match their Actros, and the company has a few recently launched offerings.

This is a sight which will get all model car and truck fans' hearts beating a little bit faster: Mercedes-Benz presents the first ever car transporter in scale. The transporter is a combination of the new model series of the legendary Actros GigaSpace tractor unit and a fitting semitrailer capable of transporting up to six model cars of scale.

A perfect composition right down to the finest details, the car transporter measures cm in length and weighs 10 kg! The predominant standard format with respect to commercial model vehicles was previously Mercedes-Benz has collaborated with renowned model vehicle manufacturer NZG to create their first tractor unit and semitrailer combination in the scale. This opens up entirely new horizons for commercial vehicle models.

Even the tiniest of details inside and outside the Actros are clearly recognisable. And then there's the The car transporter can be loaded up with as many as seven Mercedes-Benz model cars from the broad scale portfolio of Mercedes and smart vehicles. With the development of this scale model in commercial vehicles, Mercedes-Benz has moved into unfamiliar territory. Ten months of development were necessary to get the It is made of more than individual components, of which zinc, 80 plastic and 32 etched parts held together with screws, pins and tools.

The vehicle platforms and the loading ramps for the upper and lower levels are made of high-quality metal and also feature the characteristic hole-structure of the original. All components of the original vehicle which can be moved, can also be used accordingly on the scale model. Protected by movable flaps, even the operating levers for the ramps and on the central axle are true-to-detail. The new Actros can be recognized immediately by its unique characteristic MirrorCams.

This aerodynamically optimized camera mirror system replaces the large side mirrors that are commonly known from large commercial vehicles. Especially impressive is the tippable cab of the Actros tractor which allows for the engine to be closely inspected.

The driver and co-driver's doors, as well as service flap, can all be opened. Each and every little detail from the original vehicle can be found in the scaled-down variant — including the warning notices that some grids cannot be used as a step.

A particular highlight is Mercedes stars in the radiator grille and the interior, both of which light up individually.Ai idee unde as putea sa gasesc de achizitionat capacul respectiv?

Si daca ma poti lamurii cu o alta eroare? Mie imi apare in bord eroarea GS 17si nu gasesc nimic in legatura cu ea. La fel am si eu un gs Aicia ie numarul meu de telefon daca cineva pote sa ajut va multumesc Cine are aceasi problema eu pot sa ajut ca am gasit ce sunt problema. Sunati la Am o problema cu un actros cu o automacara de busteni si nu mai cupleaza pompele hidraulice cutia este semiautomata imi arata psm restrictioned operation unde se afla modulul psm??

Imi poti spune care a fost cauza,aceas problema o intampin la trecerea peste denivelari.

Mercedes Car Carrier Model Hauls Your 1:18-Scale Collection

Stiti care ar fi cauza. Tutoriale - Solutii - Informatii. Mercedes Actros nu intra in viteza. Eroare GS si nu cupleaza. About The Author: admin. Anonim 29 decembrie Alex 19 noiembrie Unknown 14 februarie Unknown 25 martie Unknown 24 decembrie Anonim 12 mai Anonim 14 iunie Unknown 21 martie Unknown 4 iulie Unknown 16 august Unknown 13 septembrie Unknown 13 octombrie Unknown 21 octombrie Unknown 7 ianuarie Unknown 11 decembrie Unknown 18 decembrie Unknown 2 martie Adrian 2 august Unknown 18 martie Anonim 23 mai SAS 9 octombrie

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